The time has come… As I mention in the video, it’s my first time doing something like this, my english is the worst and I was very nervous, so I apologize for the amount of mistakes I made speaking in the video. I had wanted to communicate with you in English for so long… So I’m really excited for it even I speak it like an alien! I hope you do too :D.


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♫ «Timeless» by Slenderbeats
♫ «Fresh Fallen Snow» by Chris Haugen
♫ «Summer in NY» by Dyalla
♫ «Cubic Z» by Diamond Ortiz
♫ «Happytoseeyou» by Sarah, The Illstrumentalist
♫ «Campfire Song» by Chris Haugen
♫ «Are we Alone» by Green or Blue

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  1. Keev, tu inglés no es tan terrible mujer, solo te falta practica y soltura, solo relajate y disfruta. Al final te acostumbraras. Si refuerzas un pelin la pronuncia de ciertas palabras, tranqui que lo petas 🙂

  2. Oh you did great! Please don't talk so badly about your english. A lot of people who speak english don't speak multiple languages.
    I am so happy you gave this a try, I absolutely love your videos.

  3. Even though English is the only language I speak, because of what I know, I think it is one of the hardest languages to learn. It is based on more than one original language, the 2 main ones are nothing alike, we structure our sentences oddly, the same letter combinations sound different depending on the word (good food for example) certain letter combinations make sounds that they shouldn't ( gh in enough sounding like an f) and English has many more problems beyond those. You are doing a very good job speaking it, as long as people know what word you are saying, don't worry about pronunciation. Hope this encourages you.

  4. Dont feel nervous about your enunciation of english. I work with a woman thats from Mexico and ironically you sound just like her speaking English accent wise.

    I love your videos and i enjoy the subtitles (when the videos have them lol)

    I took spanish and all i know is how to yell incoherently in spanish after 3 years of learning it lol.

    You're speaking english just fine. I understand the frustration because you have to think in the other language to respond. Thats why i cant do spanish. I have to internally translate it, think of my response in english and then translate it in spanish(very terribly btw lol)

    I look forward to seeing more videos as always. Whether in english or with subtitles. Either way works for me.

    Your accent in english is adorable. Just like the woman i work with where english is her second language. Keep up the good work and if you ever get super frustrated, remember it doesnt matter what language we watch in. We're here to watch your amazing work 😉

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